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                Dear Customer, Hello!

                If you are a procurement officer:

                     My company's "buy" is defined as: a one-time customers purchase amount at 1 million (or more), in the company filing project and deal directly with the company's customers, while meeting the target customers buy: around the municipal government, such as the Board may appoint authority; large state-owned enterprises, public institutions (universities, banks, postal services, the petroleum, petrochemical, power plants, steel, coal, etc.) trade unions and office; other relationships are considered companies and individuals buy and enjoy the company will buy related policies.

                1, buy policies and membership cards, promotional offers can not be combined simultaneously;
                2, Related Products buy price please contact us or dealers around for timely purchase to your satisfaction.

                Address: Zhujiang Road Shahekou District No. 18 (Parkson Backstreet) Fu font stores
                URL: www.zhihuiyuye.com www.dlfuzihao.com www.dlluding.com www.zhwx.net
                Service Hotline: 4007700228

                2012 Spring New Five Seafood Gift