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                Location: About Us > Culture >


                Diligent: unavoidably, will make every detail.

                Responsibility: for the enterprise, customer service mission.

                Dedicated: to make every effort for the enterprise, customer service.

                Innovation: like others dare not think, can not think.


                Business goals

                Wisdom Tree image: The best seafood in Dalian dedicated customers.

                Li Fu word mark: good quality and dedicated service.

                Gen. gold signs: In the short-term interests of the front and never compromise.

                Century-old made??: the essence of the wisdom tradition for centuries.


                Customer Relationship Concept

                Service-oriented: the customer is always right.

                Unlimited communication: a customer's butler.

                Corporate Values

                Honesty: what it preaches, uncompromising.

                Dedication: be willing to pay, no regrets.

                Collaboration: casting platform, welcomed the cooperation.

                Win-win situation: like-minded, win-win situation.


                Excellence: to be the best of all.

                Contributing to society: return to the community in order to reflect the essence of wisdom.