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                Investment incentives

                Group fu font ® Recruitment Agent
                Instant sea cucumber, dried sea cucumber, wild cucumber direction

                The company produces processed shellfish, sea cucumber class, abalone and other seafood category, Recruitment Agents franchisees (Fu and famous brand cucumber) and you would like to discuss cooperation

                One, Join Advantage
                Five Advantages
                Waters edge
                Wide Kashima in Changhai County has 12,683 acres of pollution-free natural waters. Where four distinct seasons, cool, suitable for the growth of marine organisms. Especially in the rich quality of sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood is famous at home and abroad.
                Product advantages
                "Fu" series Seafood enterprises relying on the wisdom Seafood Group has many years of experience in export processing, and the introduction of the world's leading R & D technology to develop a range of ready-class seafood, extensive product line can fully meet consumer demand for different levels of customer , thus ensuring the franchisee to achieve annual sales of non-season.
                Price advantage
                "Fu famous" Seafood With wisdom conglomerate's own industrial chain advantage, can best seafood available to franchisees.
                "Blessing" brands of "maritime culture" and "Chinese welfare culture" combine "Fu" series is a happy, healthy, happy symbol of "Fu" series to do the old people in mind! Joined the "Fu" series and enjoy classic brand.
                Service Advantage
                "Fu" series of the franchise to implement free, high-quality service. After opening, the company will be tracking services franchise, analyze market and operating conditions, accurate sales and improve profitability on the promotion of effective measures, and will send the market supervisory guidance and services to the franchise around.

                Second, joining interests
                ★ Franchise: enjoy the "Fu" series Seafood franchise exclusivity.
                ★ image use rights: free use of the headquarters of the "blessing" brands CIS image recognition system.
                ★ profit rebate: complete the required sales, get the corresponding profit rebate.
                ★ priority renewal rights: During the contract period to complete the sales task to fulfill the contract, entitled to priority to renew the contract.
                ★ Results Encouragement Award: Complete the required sales or purchase amount, agents receive Headquarters Encouragement Award.
                Joined the "Fu" series, the brilliant achievements of your career!

                Third, joining support
                To provide you with quality products, provide follow-up extension services to ensure your peace of mind and achieve win-win cooperation!
                1, site selection and store decoration;
                2, business guidance;
                3, training support: salesperson, store relevant staff seven days free training;
                4, Management Support: Allows you to store management process in handy, the company provides:
                ① store management manual
                ② Member Management Handbook
                ③ Product Management Manual
                5, marketing support: According to different festivals planned marketing programs;
                6, brand support: effective brand promotion.

                Four, joining conditions and qualifications
                ① identity "blessing famous Seafood" business philosophy and objectives of Vision, interested in engaging in marine industry, willing to work with blessing famous seafood joint development;
                ② In the industrial and commercial administration departments registered enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households or individuals. Must have a certain economic strength and good business performance capabilities.
                ③ there is a corresponding storefront {flagship store: store at 80 m above requirements; stores (single store): Requires storefront at 30 m above; counters (super): Requires counter more than 5 meters in length. } And only run my company products.
                ④ must be provided by my company uniform logo, the standard image of the renovation, franchise shops or counters renovation costs themselves.
                ⑤ franchisees such as adding a new terminal, need to submit a written application, with the approval after the company agreed to supplement the agreement in the form of confirmation.
                ⑥ according to industry particularity of the market situation, collect a certain amount of credit deposit.

                Five. Notes
                1, if the application form to join in the table can not be completed, please fill out separate sheet.
                2, after filling application materials, please return headquarters. Preliminary examination, the applicant will receive further information or blessing famous by telephone for further communication with Headquarters and Headquarters appointment to interview.
                3, Address: Shahekou District Zhujiang the 18th Code: 116011

                4, China Merchants phone

                Business Center:

                Northeast Investment Manager Wang
                15898116002 / +86 0411-83641177-8003

                North China Investment Manager Zhang
                13889674650 / +86 0411-83641177-8005

                Southwest Investment Manager Mr. Sun
                13604247489 / +86 0411-83641177-8002

                Customers of the Fu Yang Dalian
                15541177758 / +86 0411-83641177-8006

                Six, joining flowchart

                Join Flowchart
                Consulting join condition (telephone, interviews, E-MAIL, etc.), reached a preliminary cooperation intention

                Fill (Fu famous seafood franchise application form) to submit the application form franchise headquarters

                Headquarters preliminary examination, interview and was invited to visit the headquarters and study a model shop

                The headquarters of the applicant to accept credit fieldwork, and with the goal of doing business district of the investigation

                Headquarters comprehensive assessment of eligibility to join the applicant to obtain qualified prospective franchisees

                Signed a letter of intent to join the headquarters

                Provide candidate storefront map, target market assessment report and after opening sales forecast reports and other materials

                Headquarters for data evaluation, and sent fieldwork store renovation program evaluation and design
                (Travel, accommodation applicant is responsible)

                Signed franchise contracts, pay related fees, registration Rush

                Headquarters sent acceptance renovation and opening of various issues and receive assistance training headquarters

                Staff recruitment and training, based delivery, product display

                Trial operation, planning opening event

                Official business