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                Join Us

                Join us and achieve a win-win it!
                [Join Hotline 4007700228]

                        Food Co., Ltd. Dalian wisdom marine life - in rare marine resources for the benefit of human nutrition and health Albert, whose brands "Fu" series that is the essence of their business to achieve and pass on the strength of the brand.

                         Fu font - have rock solid enterprise support, a natural product base, with a unique profit model, competitive advantages, there is a broad market space, and profound cultural connotations. Fu came into being famous, she is destined to create a lucrative considerable benefits, work franchisee friends to create brilliant. It is such a blessing welcomed famous brand, with which is a blessing!
                         On the occasion of nutrition and health industry booming in China on the occasion, we humbly with lofty ideals to every one pending, work together to create the "blessing famous" New Foundation - kai fu size, the benefit of society; kai fu size, cooperation and win-win; kai fu size, to make dreams come true; kai fu size, looking forward to enjoying strong earnings!

                Joined the "Fu" series of five advantages Seafood

                Waters edge - now known as the Treasure of the deep sea, naturalness good quality

                        Changhai Group in the famous archipelago (latitude 39.4 °) - Small Long Island and has 10,000 acres of pollution-wide Kashima natural waters. Where four distinct seasons, cool, suitable for the growth of marine organisms, is recognized as the core area of ??extraordinary quality seafood. Abounds in high quality sea cucumber, abalone, Xia Yi scallops, shrimp and other seafood strange renowned and acclaimed at home and abroad.

                Product advantages - steady novelty, satisfactory accessibility

                        "Fu" series relying on the wisdom Seafood Seafood Group has many years of experience in export processing, and the introduction of international advanced production lines and R & D technology to develop a range of ready-class seafood, extensive product line can fully meet the different seasons and at different levels customer's consumption demand, and thus ensure that every franchisee to achieve annual sales of non-season.

                         Wisdom Fishery Group has built two modern aquatic products processing enterprises, which have received U.S. FDA HACCP food safety law on certification. Stores can provide, including light dried, salted dry, semi-dry, salted, instant and other varieties of sea cucumber products, and for dealers to provide more than 30 kinds of deep processing of frozen, chilled and ready to eat seafood range of products .

                Price advantage - its own wisdom, intelligence partner Fukuzawa

                        "Fu famous" Seafood With Wisdom Group's own industrial chain advantage, can best seafood available to our partners in every one, so you have enough broad space for development and profit margins!

                Brand - classic heritage, Yan Shen cultural essence

                        "Blessing" brands of "maritime culture" and "Chinese welfare culture" organic combination, which is the first seafood gives "blessing" of the cultural connotation of the brand, it is the first one for the seafood industry, establish a "blessing" independent symbol of the brand, it is the first one to create a "blessing font" signs of the brand. "Fu" series is a happy, healthy, reunion symbol of modern life and the blessings of drip time witness. "Fu" series to do the old people in mind! Joined the "Fu" series and enjoy classic brand.

                Service Advantage - focus on professional and dedicated

                         "Fu" series for your franchise to implement free, high-quality full support. After opening, the company will franchise tracking service, analysis of market and operating conditions, accurately made ??to promote sales and increase profitability efficient strategy, market supervision and sent to stores around the guidance and services.
                         The company brings excellent domestic marketing planning agency services for corporate and franchisees. The company hired a professional marketing consultant for the company and all franchisees to provide a unified market analysis, a unified brand strategy, unified promotion program, a unified marketing strategy.