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                Fu font ?

                Fu famous brand profile

                        Fu font (Dalian Wisdom Marine Bio) wisdom fishery Group's subsidiaries, mainly for the retail industry, to shopping malls, supermarkets and consumer market-oriented production of several series of small packaged frozen seafood products and gift, inheritance China welfare culture, focusing on sharing, just add color to your table!

                         Wisdom Fishery Group brands "blessing famous Seafood" chief operating sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchins, shellfish, fish, shrimp, crab and other 60 kinds of frozen seafood and sea treasure. The company has a distribution network throughout the country and specialty stores, convenience of your purchase!
                         Frozen seafood spree blessing font is based in Dalian quality local seafood and rare seafood as raw materials, the integration of the world-renowned Haizhenyuye, depending on the level and taste, well-crafted festive holiday gifts. For your family reunion and visiting friends and relatives happy moment, add more auspicious festive atmosphere.
                         Fu size, to welfare to health.

                2012 listing of the new Five seafood gift!
                Fook Seafood famous flagship store Address: Shahekou District Zhujiang Road on the 18th (Olympic Plaza, Parkson Backstreet)

                Store 0411 -83641177-8002 online shopping Manager: 13604247489 Web:www.zhihuiyuye.com 
                Enjoy nationwide hotline:400-7700-228  

                1 Dalian seafood gift blessing famous Five Gift launch an online direct order, easy to operate
                2 All gift packaging, more noble: All customers receive the gift packaging seafood are beautifully designed and generous!
                3 six models to meet different needs: a: 388 yuan Model / Type 488 yuan / 688 yuan Model / Type 980 yuan / 1380 yuan type / model 1980 yuan and can be freely combined with their own feast Gift
                4 ordering convenience you can call: 400-7700-228 can, free home delivery, cash on delivery
                5 genuine: Each voucher is authentic delicious Dalian seafood distribution, collar with product manuals, your worries can also view testimonials
                6 dinners too inconvenient to carry a kind? You can also purchase our shopping card, both discounts, but also convenient, 500,1000,2000,5000 several grades.